Incredible durable bending die.

Wide range of bending - High accuracy, capabilities and durability which are never experieanced.



Fine adjustment of die is easy and highly accurate!Dramatically improved bending accuracy with dial operation alone. to drastically improve the productivity of press brakes.

Improvement for tooling set up.EZ Clamp is the mechanical clamp system without using any tools.As compared with the traditional clamping system using tools,You can easily clamp the dies.


Easy and stable measurements can be made by merely applying this to the work-piece.

To any almighty to grab anything.Quick motion clamp which can not be released once used once appeared




No die mark with ultra fabric.

EZ sheet super eliminates die mark on stainless steel & mild steel etc.

Traditional method of measurement reporting is very time consuming-Measure the dimensions of a part with calipers,micrometer and angle gauge etc,write down the measurement result on a piece of paper,enter the data into computer,then print the report.